The Autism Registry

The Autism Registry

Link to the Windsor Police Autism Registry Autism Services Inc. has been working in partnership with the Windsor Police Services since September 2011 to establish an On-line Autism Registry in Windsor. The registry is for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders who reside in the City of Windsor.

Anyone living in the City of Windsor may register their child/independent adult by accessing the online registry at:

If a family does not have access to a computer they may register by going to any Windsor Public Library branch or contact Autism Services Inc. at 519-966-7283 for more information.

Autism Registry FAQ

What is the Autism Registry?

The Registry for individuals with Autism is a Windsor Police Services project in partnership with Autism Services Inc. The online registry promotes communication and gives police quick access to critical information about a registered person with autism in a police emergency by capturing information such as a full description, routine/favourite attractions, communication and other special needs as well as emergency contact information.

Who has access to my child's profile?

Windsor Police Services personnel who require this information in the performance of their duties will have access to the information. There are strict regulations with respect to accessing and disseminating information. There is a Police Information Portal (P.I.P.) that is shared by all police agencies. The consent of the individual involved, or their parent/guardian, is required before any information is shared among police agencies.

How will this registry help if my child/dependent adult goes missing?

If the individual goes missing and is reported by the parent/guardian, information about his/her physical appearance, the most likely places where he/she would go to, as well as triggers stimulants, and de-escalation techniques will be provided to every police officer in the area to look for the missing person.

Residents Outside of Windsor

Other Essex County Municipalities may have Wandering Persons Lists (eg. LaSalle). Please inquire with your Municipal Office or your Municipal Police Services.

Project Lifesaver

Windsor-Essex Project Lifesaver

Windsor-Essex Project Lifesaver is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting and responding to the challenge to caregivers of finding wandering or bolting loved ones who may suffer from Autism, Alzheimer's Disease, or any other special needs requirements.

Clients registered with Project Lifesaver wear a personalized bracelet. It is a one-ounce battery operated radio wrist transmitter that emits a unique automatic tracking signal once every second, 24 hours a day.

Project Lifesaver equips and trains law enforcement agencies in an active response system to help with the increasing problem of locating wandering patients before they fall victim to the elements, accidents or predators.

Find out more about Windsor-Essex Project Lifesaver by visiting their website.

General Inquiries can be made to: Deputy Chief Richard Derus, Windsor Police Service
PH: (519) 255-6700 Ext. 4484 or by email to Jacqueline Winand-Bacon, Volunteer Coordinator.

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